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About US

Let’s talk a little bit about us.

It all began with a vision to serve people with homemade foods with great taste and bold flavors.  In 1992, Mrs. Josefina Aguilar started to think of ways of how she can realize this dream, hence, the conception of Ate Fina’s Food Products. She desires to bring us healthy food options using only simple and natural ingredients. Her specialty is the pickled fruits and vegetables.  In the Philippines, pickle is also known as atchara. Atchara usually uses fermented unripe raw green papaya.  However, Ate Fina’s Atchara comes in surprising new, unique flavor blends which is indeed a must-try for everyone!

With our forward-thinking and entrepreneurial zeal, we have been in constant innovation to provide you with the flavor inspirations that you’re looking for. Ate Fina’s Food Products will live up to its awesome commitment to serve you with great homemade foods by using traditional and superior quality ingredients.

Learn Ate Fina’s Food Products history, please visit our Humble Beginnings page.

If you want to know more about Ate Fina’s hometown, you may click here.

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