Ate Fina's Vegetabale Chips

Ate Fina’s Vegetable Chips are coming your way. Are you still looking for healthy snack alternatives? Well, look no more, as we are offering you Ate Fina’s Vegetable Chips! These are made from vegetables¬†such as squash, leaves of ampalaya or bitter gourd, tomato, malunggay or moringa, and carrot.¬† The vegetables are thinly sliced, fried and lightly salted or flavored to delight our taste buds. The leaves, on the other hand, are powdered, mixed with flour and fried to achieve the crunchiness in every bite. These healthy vegetable chips are so flavorful that you would ask for more!

To taste these crunchy delectable snacks, grab yours now! Visit our Shop page for other food products we offer.

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