Bamboo Shoot Atchara


Labong Atchara/Pickled Bamboo Shoot

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Ate Fina’s Bamboo Shoot Atchara is a must-try food.  People consider it to be an exotic and unique dish because the bamboo shoot is a seasonal delicacy.  We can make more sumptuous dishes with this side dish, Ate Fina’s Pickled Bamboo Shoot, along with steamed rice. Taste the difference of this delectable side dish, add one to your cart now!

Ingredients include Bamboo Shoot, Pineapple, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Carrots, Ginger and Red Bell Pepper.

You can also try other variants of our Atchara: Pineapple Atchara, Papaya Atchara, and Palm Heart Atchara, and Chayote Atchara.

The bamboo shoot contains high protein and dietary fiber. It has loads of vitamins and minerals, too. To learn more about the health benefits of bamboo shoot, please read 13 Interesting Bamboo Shoots Benefits.

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