Turmeric Powder


  • Turmeric Tea Powder 100 g
  • Ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, Sugar


Ate Fina’s Turmeric Powder is made from ground turmeric rhizomes or underground stems. Turmeric, which belongs to the family of ginger, is one of the most highly prized spices in the world. Cucurmin, the main ingredient of turmeric,  gives us the most health benefit.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, curcumin is 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamin E and stronger than vitamin C.  This antioxidant breakthrough may help boost your immunity, maintain normal cholesterol levels, and put the brakes on aging. To read this article, please go to Dr. Mercola’s What is Turmeric Good For?

By adding hot water to the turmeric powder, you will get a soothing and relaxing drink. Be sure to choose full, organic turmeric, hence choose Ate Fina’s Turmeric Powder. Add one to your cart now!

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